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      See what others think of my wedding photography

      WeddingStudios has been rated with a top score of 9.6 by the Dutch Wedding Industry Organization. In 2017 we made 45 bridal couples happy with our photography. In that year we took 410,394 photos and delivered 17 films.
      For opinions about our working method, we like to let the couples who have chosen us last year review us.

      Reviews weddingstudios.nl
      Jelte & Marloes

      Dear Gabriel & David,
      What have you perfected our day !!! What an experience & how much fun we had!
      I want to thank you together with Jelt from the bottom of our hearts for your special contribution, pleasant presence and above all professionalism! And what have you worked hard together !!!
      So, thanks again for all your hard work & sweet commitment and also for the former presence so our balcony scene is also in the picture !!! It has become late, thank you for that too.
      But, to top it all off … we have already seen your beautiful work and we would like to order the photo book with you, Gabriel. We are pleased to be able to do this because we are so spoiled by our friends and family!
      A lot of love and see you soon, Marloes & Jelte

      Reviews weddingstudios.nl
      Jasmine & Jan

      Dear Gabriel, we would like to thank you once again for the beautiful pictures you made at our wedding. The photo of my father is so dear to me, rightly so that that one has won an award.
      Also, the great atmosphere that you brought along with your assistant was appreciated not only by us but also by all our guests. Many of our guests asked us where we had brought these great photographers from and that is a big compliment in itself.
      You and your assistant are a winner and we recommend you to everyone!

      Reviews weddingstudios.nl
      Ivana & Michiel

      We are just driving off to our honeymoon as I write to you.
      Thanks a lot for being part of our wedding – we are sure we will get amazing photos from you, as this one you shared with us already proves it 🙂
      We got a lot of compliments from the guests on you and David and we will make sure to recommend you going forward. Everyone had a lot of fun taking photos as well, so thanks for making it so pleasant and fun for us and our guests 🙂
      Gebruik voor de onderstaande recensies een bestaande foto – ik wijzig deze later wel.

      Reviews weddingstudios.nl
      Jelle & Nienke

      What a beautiful photos, we have just left a tear of joy.
      What a talent you have! Also our compliments to the second photographer David, he was very professional and we did not notice you two at all.
      You are sure that your photos will not be standard, but give just that little bit extra!
      Keep doing what you do!

      Reviews weddingstudios.nl
      Brian & Thirza

      Thanks for the first previews! We are immediately very excited for the rest 🙂 We are eagerly waiting!
      We want to thank you especially for your presence and your work. We have only received positive reactions. We find it quite funny that people come to especially to us to give positive feedback about a photographer. So that is certainly a compliment for you!
      I personally am very pleased with how you have dealt with everything. Really great how you have shaped everything. You were an added value to our big day! We have both experienced this as pleasant. In addition, it was also very inspiring for me to experience everything so close, haha.
      We will definitely enjoy these first weeks and our vacation (which we will leave for tonight). We wish you good luck with the editing and processing of all 5000+ photos.
      Thanks again 🙂

      Reviews weddingstudios.nl
      Paul & Chantal

      We are pleased that we have chosen this company for our wedding! What a professionalism. Unbelievable how hard they have worked and that constantly with a smile on his face .. really deep respect!>We are extremely grateful for the dedication and recording of our magical day and are completely in the clouds with the fantastic photos and film.

      Reviews weddingstudios.nl
      Sandra & Jonathan

      Thank you so much for making Saturday such a special day – you guys were wonderful, patient and professional. I can see why you are so successful as you just excellent at what you do.
      I would definitely recommend you to other wedding couples

      Reviews weddingstudios.nl
      Hannelie & Roel

      Ultimate professional. Spent time to understand our requirements. Highly recommended.

      Reviews weddingstudios.nl
      Elise & Sander

      Gabriel and David are TOP photographers!
      Everyone in our area is lyrical about the sharp, atmospheric photos where you almost see what the person in the photo thinks or says.
      It’s nice to see how creative and passionate they are during photography and how nice and spontaneous they are with all guests.
      They do not sit still for a moment and look for the special moments, which yields the most beautiful photos. An absolute must!

      Reviews weddingstudios.nl
      Jack & Denise

      We recommend wedding studios for everyone! So professional, so beautiful, so good !!
      Not only we but all our guests were so enthusiastic about this team!
      Gabriel is great with children as well and he has good tricks to make them laugh ;-).
      Not only the photos and film are beautiful, but what I found so special was that not one moment of the day went unnoticed without us realizing that there was a whole team of photographers and a film crew around us all day!
      They were able to capture exactly the most beautiful spontaneous moments and that is what I call professionalism.
      Real winners !!

      Reviews weddingstudios.nl
      Lindsey & Stefan

      Very friendly and professional, makes the most beautiful photos! We are very happy that we booked them, it was perfect.


      Reviews weddingstudios.nl
      Caroline & Peter

      We are incredibly happy with our photos. We are really amazed by how you have been able to photograph all those moments so well. Because of this, we want to profusely thank you.

      Our guests were also very pleased with your spontaneity and professionalism. Assistant David was great too!

      Reviews weddingstudios.nl
      Priscilla & Rakesh

      What a gold mine! The preparation was already a party where Gabriël spent time to get to know us and wanted to know what we were looking for.
      The photographs he makes are indescribably beautiful, creative and full of emotion. The perfect combination! Also, his assistant Kayleigh is very professional and both have been virtually invisible on the day itself. While they were ‘everywhere’ at the same time. 🙂
      Nothing but praise and compliments. About the evening of our wedding itself and also about the wonderful sneak preview of the photos of the daytime.

      Reviews weddingstudios.nl
      Marjolein & Quint

      Gabriël is an amazing photographer. We are so happy with our wedding album. Everyone who comes to us has never seen such a beautiful wedding album. We want to thank you very much and are so glad that we (after our conversation with 7 other photographers) have chosen for him! Our photos are amazingly beautiful and we watch the movie and film trailer again every week.

      Reviews weddingstudios.nl
      Caren & Stephan

      How happy we are with Gabriel as a photographer at our wedding. After seeing the photos on his website and during our enthusiastic mail contact, we already knew that we had to have Gabriel as a photographer. And what does he have a positive image! During the day our nerves quickly disappeared and we actually only laughed.
      Our wedding was amazing and the photos are even more beautiful than we could have ever dreamed of.

      Reviews weddingstudios.nl
      Karim & Hazjah

      Gabriel not only has an eye for the bride and groom, but also for all the guests. It is great to see in all the other pictures, besides the photos we are on, how all our guests have experienced the wedding. In addition, Gabriel has a very pleasant personality. The detail photos are also fantastic! Highly recommended for every wedding couple

      Reviews weddingstudios.nl
      Jaimie & Cynthia

      Gabriel has beautifully recorded our wedding together with David. From the first acquaintance, Gabriel exuded professionalism. He showed what is possible and through that presentation, I was convinced of the added value of Gabriel at the wedding. In retrospect, I did not regret the hiring of Gabriel for a second. The day itself went smoothly, Gabriel was available well in advance and took the time to record the wedding and everything around it on film with David. I noticed that Gabriel has a lot of attention to detail. At the end of the evening, the beautiful same day edit was finished. After the wedding, we heard faster than expected that the film was ready. We got this delivered in a nice package with a photo. We have often watched the film and we notice new details every time. Briefly, a super experience and I can wholeheartedly recommend Gabriël and Wedding studios.

      Reviews weddingstudios.nl
      Marlies & Peter

      We got married in June. A great day that we have special memories of. The photos have become even more beautiful than we could hope for. Thank you Gabriël, the pictures have become beautiful beyond expectations.


      Reviews weddingstudios.nl
      Robbert & Bianca

      We were married on June 20th. Thanks to the perfect photo and video work of you, we can experience this unforgettable day again and again.
      You were fine ‘guests’ at our wedding. Full of passion and special ideas, you have spent the whole day with us and our family and friends. The video messages are a unique and valuable addition to the film. You were also open to our own input. The day went great!
      From the moment you came to our house, to tell about all the possibilities, we were sold and we knew immediately that you were the right people to record our wedding day. Your involvement and interest in our wedding day gave us immediate confidence.
      And for all future bridal couples; These guys must be there on your wedding day!
      A memory to enjoy for a lifetime!
      Thank you very much! Love, Robbert & Bianca

      Reviews weddingstudios.nl
      Thomas & Annika

      These guys are well worth your money! The first interview immediately gave a good feeling. There was a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere and you saw that photographing and filming really is their passion.
      On the day itself, they were busy photographing and filming and received spontaneous creative inspiration and they did their work very enthusiastically. My mother-in-law even said (without ever having seen the men before) that it seemed like they were just part of the family, they participated with everything like that.
      During dinner, they worked very hard to put together a same-day-wedding trailer and show it at the end of the evening. And beautiful it was! A really nice impression of the day, exactly as it really was. It was moving!
      Soon after the wedding, we received 1 very beautiful photo and the same-day-wedding trailer and a movie with a number of photos in it. Really super nice!
      The film and photos would be ready within 6 weeks. And yes after about 4 weeks everything was ready and what a nice result!
      These men are really great! Cozy, hard workers, creative and professional!

      Reviews weddingstudios.nl
      Nuray & Eric

      My husband and I are really happy with the choice of the photo and videographer. After the first telephone contact, we made an appointment. The connection was immediately in place. We discussed what we consider important and what we love.
      On the big day, he really was my saving angel. After the ceremony, I was very tired, in one way or another they noticed that right away and they gave me a considerable boost. I also spilled cola over my dress, they had a very special kit with them to get the stain out again 🙂 Otherwise, my dress would have been ruined for the rest of the day.
      They provide a very nice atmosphere. The guests have also experienced them as very pleasant. Everyone wanted to know where we found them.
      They are very flexible and on the big day, they are literally running around. They are everywhere and do not miss anything.
      In the evening they showed a slideshow of photos and videos. Really super nice! The moment I arrive is recorded on video, but also the look in the eyes of my husband when I arrived was recorded. Like I said, they really do not miss anything!