Trouwlocatie: Kasteel de Hoge Vuursche
    Trouwjurk: Enzouani
    Bloemen: Violetera
    Visagie: Noukstyle
    Bruidstaart: Tokolo

    Wedding story Sara and Kim


    “A story of a Troll and a Princess ”

    The Fairytale is real


    We met at the gym where Kim worked as a physio and Sara trained. We saw eachother every day and got to know eachother from afar and eventually a little closer.

    We quickly realized this was it, each in our own way, and fought the elements, the gods and faith itself to stay together.


    We got engaged on the 20th of May 2022 (Saras birthday) in Modena, Italy during a dinner at the worlds best restaurant Osteria Fransescana, celebrating our love for eachother together with our maybe even deeper love for food (kidding?)


    We started early with preparing the wedding and this proved to be a smart move. Making sure the wedding was well documented for the ages was a priority early on, as we knew the day would fly by in a blink of an eye. We were lucky to get the dream location in a busy wedding season and carefully tailored our day. We wanted to make the best wedding we would ourselves want to attend. We cut a lot of costs with things we found unnecessary, like an expensive cake, fancy dinner and strong alcohol. We rather made a priority to invest in the most amazing photographers (Gabriël Scharis) and hair/make up/personal assistant (Anouk van Emmerik) for the entire day. That choice was maybe the best decision we could make, and something we would recommend highly to future couples.


    Sara got her dress at Unique Bridal in the Hague and Kim got his suit at Misura Sartoria in Rotterdam. When picking our outfits, location, florist, photographers etc we quickly found out that we were waiting for the “This is it!” moment. There is a strong gut feeling when you have found what is precisely right for you. Then it doesn’t matter what opinion other people have. Just trust in yourself.


    The advice we received the most was:”Take your time to slow down and enjoy every moment” and we agree that this is very important. We had a great Master of Ceremony, Sara’s sister Lisa that took all the heavy loads off our shoulder so we could relax and savour the amazing moments of our day.


    We had an amazing photoshoot in Metal kathedraal in Utrecht where Sara, Anouk and Gabriel could show off their true potential while Kim and Roy (Sara’s father) were crying in the back while spectating.


    Our speeches to each other during the ceremony were nerve-wrecking. However, we realized later how big of an impact it made on the people attending and why it was such a powerful and beautiful moment for us all.


    We had a multi national wedding with a trailmix of traditions that made it fun and unexpecting for the guests. Naturally we want our nearest and dearest to have a good day and leave with good memories as well. How many ceremonies have the attendants singing “Stand by me” at the top of their lungs over violin and cello as the newlyweds make their graceful exit? Or all the boys running up to kiss the bride on the cheek when the groom sneaks off to the toilet during dinner?


    To top everything off and put a silk ribbon on the wedding, we met everyone for a delicious breakfast the next day as the guests spent the night at the castle with us. This gave us the chance to spend a little extra time with them. After filling out bellies with croissants and our veins with coffee they could wave us off to our honeymoon.