• How did you meet?

    We did meet for the first time in Shanghai. We both subscribed one day after each other on the Date in Asia website. During our first weekend Yali was the personal tour guide for Albert. And we had so much fun and in common that Albert decided to come back to Shanghai for another two times during his business trip in China. After Albert went back to China one day Yali surprised that she would come to the Netherlands to hold Albert to its promise to show her around in Europe. We had a lovely week in Vienna together


    • How did the proposal go?

    Yali was taken by surprise. After her first parachute jump out of the airplane she and her instructor landed on top of a big sign with the text: “Yali will you marry me?”


    • How did you choose your wedding date?

    The wedding date was chosen by Yali based on the Chines Lunar calendar in combination with our birthdates. This day is especially good for the both of us and will us bring luck, happiness and good fortune.


    • When did you know you had found your dream dress?

    When my sister came with me to the wedding shop and advised me to pick this wonderful traditional Chinese dress.


    • Highlights of the day?

    The Chinese tea ceremony, the entrance of the groom with our granddaughter Maila of 4 years as flower girl followed by the entrance of the bride with the bride girls, our personal vows and the speech of our son.


    • Is there anything you might have handled differently?


    • What is your ‘Beautytip’ for future brides? (Hair, dress, make-up)



    • Brand main wedding dress: Custom Made Own Design
    • Brand Wedding suit 1: Custom Made Own Design
    • Brand Wedding suit 2: Bossenbroek for Man.
    • Location: Huis de Voorst